Release your inner DIVA or DIVO

This will be our 50th year of providing Symphonic Choral Music Performances within our community and internationally. Choir Members come from all walks of life, but most importantly, we love to sing.

We’re delighted to offer a significantly reduced fee to join the choir. Our General Manager will share this information when arranging your audition.

If you read music and have choral experience, you are a perfect fit for our organization. We look forward to having you join us.

Send an email to and complete this form to arrange your audition.


Professional Musician

As a Symphonic Choral Orchestra we require a full orchestral complement for our performances. We draw from the finest professional players, those who have an understanding of performance practices for choirs and soloists. Do you have the talent we're looking for?

Complete this form and share your passion and talent with a symphonic choir.


Going Solo?

We want to hear from you. With 3 performances every year there’s always a need for an up and coming soloist. Take a look at some of our amazing concerts and let us know how soon you’d like to audition. We’d love to hear from you.

Contact and complete this form. We look forward to hearing you soon.